Who We Are

A Family Owned Business.

The MDS tradition of quality, custom plastic and silicone molding began more than 50 years ago with Marvin D. Skaggs, father of company president Dave Skaggs and vice president Mike Skaggs.  The name MDS Manufacturing was chosen to honor and carry on the legacy of this well-known industry veteran.

From the first phone call to the finished product, MDS prides itself in treating everyone with the utmost respect that was taught to us by our father.  After all “A tradition in custom plastic molding” is printed on every business card and has been our company motto since the beginning.

Committment to Quality

You can bet that with 50 years of experience in the plastics industry, we know the importance of understanding customer needs and then delivering products that satisfy those needs.

This means:

  • Producing defect-free products that consistently exceed expectations
  • Unsurpassed service to our customers from initial design to delivery of the finished product
  • Competitive pricing for products and services


Are you in need of a custom plastic injection or liquid silicone molded part?  Give us a Call!