New Part Consultation / Design

50+ years designing custom plastic parts for manufacturability.

At MDS, we offer an open-door policy so potential customers, vendors, and entrepreneurs can walk into our facility, meet with us, and receive an introduction to the plastic industry.  For those who are already familiar with the plastic industry we can discuss trends in the industry, current manufacturing best practices and the details about bringing their idea to market.

We have helped future and existing clients take an idea from just “an idea” to a product that may have the potential to be used in every home.  We have partnerships with qualified mold and design builders to create 3-D prototyping samples, allowing you to test your product before investing in the molding.  This ensures your product is functional and manufacturable.

We can turn an idea into a reality in as little as 6-12 weeks, depending on the complexity of the mold and run size.  MDS has the experience, technology, partnerships and equipment to make your design come to life.

Sample List of Designed Products

  • Firearm Bore Light

  • Wine Glass Holder

ABC Telecommunications sells new and innovative cell phone accessories to consumers nationwide.  MDS has partnered with us to assist in the design, prototyping and manufacturing of each new product. Their knowledge, expertise and high quality manufacturing ensures we have very high customer satisfaction.

Brad W., ABC Telecommunications, LTD

Premature babies usually cannot drink their milk through conventional bottle nipples and require a much smaller hole. We had previously purchased our premie bottle nipples overseas but  the long lead time and mediocre quality had us looking for a U.S. manufacturer.  MDS was a perfect match for us.  Now we can order with much smaller lead times and the quality of the product has soared!  Thank you MDS!

Nora J., Premie Baby Essentials Inc.

Part and Component Prototyping

Prototyping proves the design and identifies remaining tweaks.

The MDS engineering team can help design and then prototype your plastic injection or silicone injection part or component. We assist start-up companies that need to create a proof of concept as well as established companies looking to add new products or new product designs to their existing product line.

We have partnerships with qualified mold and design builders and can deliver 3-D prototyping to test your product, and ensure it’s functionality, before you invest in the molding.