MDS is one of the few manufacturing plants in the United States that can manufacture an infant care bottle to completion.

We produce all parts of infant care bottles under one roof in St. Louis, Mo

  • bottle
  • cap
  • collar
  • travel cap

In addition MDS produces other infant care products such as

  • sterilizer kits
  • breast pump components

MDS has helped us bring manufacturing of our baby bottles back to the U.S.  The quality has increased significantly and the lead time has greatly decreased resulting in cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.

John S., Wholesale Bottle Company

MDS has been wonderful helping our start-up company bring our ideas to life.  Their design and prototyping capabilities allowed us to quickly prove that our ideas were viable and could be manufactured cost effectively.

Shirley M., Premie Infant Care Solutions, Inc.

Infant Care Showcase


MDS produces specialty consumer products for many consumer markets such as

  • Dental
  • Agricultural
  • Safety Equipment
  • Entertainment
  • Refrigeration
  • and more

From Conception to Reality, MDS is a manufacturer that makes products happen.

Consumer Products Showcase

  • Bore Light – available in two sizes (.50 & .20 Calibur)
  • Firearms Display Stand

Firearm Products Showcase